Cough & Cold Preparations

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Product Name Contents Dosage Forms Packing Colour/ Flavour Presentation
Dyna Cough Syrup Guaiphenesin 200mg Syrup [100,120]ml (a.g.btl); 4L (p.btl)    
Dynadryl Syrup Diphenhydramine HCI 14mg, Ammonium Chloride 135mg, Sodium Citrate 57mg Syrup 120ml (a.g.btl); [60,90,100,120]ml (p.btl)   Download PDF
Dynaphan Forte Tablet Dextromethorphan HBr 30mg Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr); 10x10's (b.pck)   Download PDF
Dynaphan Syrup Dextromethorphan HBr 15mg Syrup 60ml (a.g.btl); [60,100,120]ml (p.btl)    
Dynaphan Tablet 15mg Dextromethorphan HBr 15mg Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr)    
Dysolvon Syrup (Rasberry) Bromhexine HCl 4mg Syrup 60ml (g.btl), [30, 60]ml (p.btl)    
Dysolvon Tablet 8mg Bromhexine HCI 8mg Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr); [2,10]x10's (b.pck)    
Prolidin Syrup Triprolidine HCI 1.25mg, Pseudophedrine HCI 30mg Syrup [60,120]ml (a.g.btl); [60,90]ml, [2,4]L (p.btl)    
Prolidin Tablet Triprolidine HCI 2.50mg, Pseudophedrine HCI 60mg Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr); 10x10's (b.pck)    

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