Manufacturing & Production

DYNAPHARM's manufacturing activities utilise the most advanced machines and equipment in the various sections. The operations are subjected to stringent Quality Control testing, as are the raw materials for product components, packaging materials and the intermediate and finished products. The processes are undertaken and supervised by qualified and experienced personnel who are in turn fully supported by Quality Assurance, Quality Control, Maintenance, Research and Development, and documentation personnel.

To promote peak performance in a safe and effective environment, our factory layout is designed to ensure a smooth flow of production activities. Machinery and equipments are allotted specific locations while carious sections are segregated to prevent cross-contamination.

As further precautionary measures, even the inter-mingling of personnel from different departments are controlled, while storage and production zones are separated from each other by "Staging Areas". Our latest innovation is a new production facility for the manufacture of Penicillin and Cephalosporin product.

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