Analgesic/ Antipyretics/ Antinflammatory

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Product Name Contents Dosage Forms Packing Colour/ Flavour Presentation
Cosic Tablet Paracetamol 500mg, Orphenadrine Citrate 35mg Tablet

1000's (p.ctnr); 50x10's (b.pck)

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Dyfenamic Capsule 250mg Mefenamic Acid 250mg Capsule 1000's (p.ctnr); [50, 100]x10's (b.pck)   Download PDF
Dyfenamic Paediatric Suspension 50mg/ 5ml Mefenamic Acid 50mg Suspension 60ml, [1.0,3.6]L (p.btl)   Download PDF
Dyfenamic Tablet 250mg Mefenamic Acid 250mg Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr)   Download PDF
Dyfenamic Tablet 500mg Mefenamic Acid 500mg Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr); [1,10,1000]x10's (b.pck)   Download PDF
Dynacolin Tablet Paracetamol 5000mg
Pseudoephedrine HCI 30mg
Chlorphenriramine Maleate 4mg
Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr); [25,50,250]x4's (b.pck)   Download PDF
Dynamol Junior Tablet 120mg Paracetamol 120mg Tablet/ Chewable 500's (p.ctnr); 10x10's (b.pck)    
Dynamol Suspension 120mg/ 5ml Paracetamol 120mg Suspension [30, 60]ml (a.g.btl); 4L (p.btl)    
Dynamol Syrup 120mg/ 5ml Paracetamol 120mg Syrup [30, 60]ml (a.g.btl); [60, 100, 120]ml, 4L (p.btl)    
Dynamol Syrup 160 Paracetamol 160mg Syrup 60ml, 120ml, 4L (p.btl)    
Dynamol Syrup 250 Paracetamol 250mg Syrup [30, 60]ml (a.g.btl); 4L (p.btl)    
Dynamol Tablet 500mg Paracetamol 500mg Tablet [500, 1000]'s (p.ctnr); 10x2's, 8x12's, [10, 15, 100]x10's (b.pck)    
Dynamol 650 Tablet Paracetamol 650mg Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr); 10x10's, 25x4's (b.pck)    
Dynamol Capsule Paracetamol 500mg Capsule 500's (p.ctnr); 25x4's (b.pck)    
Dyna P 250 Paracetamol 250mg Tablet [500, 1000]'s (p.ctnr)    
Dynapil Tablet 300mg (1000's) Aspirin 300mg Tablet 50x2's (card); 50x2's (box); [500, 1000]'s (p.ctnr)    
Dyna Aspirin 500 Aspirin 500mg Tablet 1000's (p.ctnr); 50x2's (b.pck)    
Dyna Paracetamol Suspension Paracetamol 250mg Suspension [30, 60, 120]ml (a.g.btl); 60ml, [3.6,4]L (p.btl)    
Dyna Paracetamol Suspension (Pink) Paracetamol 250mg Suspension [60, 100]ml (a.g.btl); [60,90]ml, 4L (p.btl)    

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