Gastrointestinal Preparations

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Product Name Contents Dosage Forms Packing Colour/ Flavour Presentation
Algicon Tablet Alginic Acid 250mg, Mg, Trisilicate 12.5mg, Aluminum Hydroxide 50mg, Sod. Bicarb 85mg Tablet/ Chewable [500,800,1000]'s (p.ctnr); 10x10's (b.pck)    
Dyamodil Tablet 20mg Famotidine 20mg Tablet 500's (p.ctnr); 10x10's (s.pck)   Download PDF
Dyamodil Tablet 40mg Famotidine 40mg Tablet 500's (p.ctnr); [5,10]x10's (s.pck)   Download PDF
Dynamet Tablet 200mg (F/C) Cimetidine 200mg Tablet [500,1000]'s (p.ctnr); [10,50]x10's (b.pck)    
Dynamet Tablet 400mg Cimetidine 400mg Tablet [500,1000]'s (p.ctnr); [10,50]x10's (b.pck)    
Dyna U Suspension MgOH 200mg, AlOH 20mg, Simethicone 40mg Suspension 120ml, [2, 4]L (p.btl)    
Dyna-U Tablet MgOH 250mg, AIOH 250mg, Simethicone 50mg Tablet/ Chewable [20, 200, 500, 800, 1000]'s (p.ctnr); 2x10's (b.pck)    
Hyoscine Tablet Hyoscine Butylbromide 10mg Tablet [500,1000]'s (p.ctnr)    
Vinner Antacid Tablet Magnesium Trisilicate 250mg, Aluminium Hydroxide 120mg Tablet 25's (a.g.btl), 1000's (p.ctnr)    
Weewa ORS Powder Each Sachet: Glucose Anhydrous 3g, Sodium Chloride 0.53g, Potassium Chloride 0.23g, Sodium Citrate Dihydrate 0.44g, Orange Flavour 0.03g Powder 4.493g (Sc,) 100x4.493 (Sc/box)    

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